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Personalized Treasure Scrolls

P.O. Box 6, Bay Shore, New York, 11706 - United States




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Personalized Treasure Scrolls

Personalized Treasure Scrolls

Unique Message in a Bottle Gift

Personalized Treasure Scrolls

P.O. Box 6, Bay Shore, New York, 11706 - United States



Personalized Treasure Scrolls - Message in a Bottle Gift

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Personalized Treasure Scrolls Contact
Personalized Treasure Scrolls Contact
Personalized Treasure Scrolls Mission

Surprise someone with a Personalized Message in a Bottle & a Lovely Gift

Personalized Message in a Bottle

Twelve Vintage Style Message bottles
with a Variety of Sizes and Colors.

5" Message in a Bottle - $20.00
6.5" Message in a Bottle - $22.00

12" message bottles availalbe through custom events or call 631-892-4187

Not Just a Message in a Bottle

       Personalized Treasure Scrolls is a heartfelt and fun gift-giving idea. Let a friend or relative know that you are thinking about them with a personalized message in a bottle. Share words of hope and inspiration or love and affection throughout the year. Your personalized messages get imprinted on beautiful scroll paper, carefully rolled and sent in vintage message bottles.

       Personalized Treasure Scrolls give you a way to place a little piece of your heart into a message bottle and send it to someone you cherish. Your special gift will feel treasured for a lifetime.

More than Just a Gift

       Every personalized message in a bottle is individually wrapped and shipped with care. Imagine the surprise when your package gets received for the first time. Then imagine the joy every month as each new message in a bottle is received. Your family and friends will feel a sense of growing anticipation and excitement with each passing month.

       Include something special with your personalized message in a bottle with a unique gift. There is also a selection of lovely shelves to display scrolls, vintage message bottles, and beautiful gifts.

5" Message in a Bottle


6.5" Message in a Bottle


There are 12 vintage styles to choose from, many with multiple sizes and colors. Bottle heights vary slightly depending on the style. Bottles and gift items available for viewing in the Treasure Room.

Four Easy Ordering Steps

       Using the custom message writing system, you can quickly send a personalized message in a bottle. Choose to send a message one time, monthly up to a full year. There is a collection of pre-written scrolls with thoughtful quotes and inspirational messages. All pre-written messages are customizable on selected. There are selections for special occasion or events such as holidays, birthdays and anniversaries. For times of loss, there are words of support and understanding. For the lonely, send a message in a bottle to let them know they are not forgotten. After completing your message and selecting a bottle, you may choose an optional gift to send along.

Select the occasion, event or holiday for your message in a bottle. See the categories below. Here you will have a choice to write your own message or select from the collection of pre-written messages.

Pick from a variety of collectible vintage message bottles that will carry your completed message. Also, you can send along one of many available gifts found in our treasure room.

Treasure Room
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You will be given a choice to send another message or to finalize your messages and gifts. Should you decide to send additional messages in the upcoming months, you can select the month and occasion for each new message you write and then select a gift to go with your message.

Once you are ready to finalize your order, you will be able to review each message. If necessary, you will be able to make changes to your message. When you are happy with your order, you can submit your order and follow the final prompts.

Good Samaritan
Plaques of Appreciation

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About Business Appreciation

In the same spirit, Personalized Treasure Scrolls has included a special feature for businesses to show appreciation. This is a great way to send a special thanks to customers, vendors, and colleagues. Let them know how much they are valued.

Business Appreciation
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Custom Events

dove lantern with message
Personalized Treasure Scrolls
also has a service where many of our items can be customized for any special event. Next time you are sending invitations for your event, send them in a lovely vintage bottle. There are many versatile options available to compliment your event.

Custom Events
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Mind Travel

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Fun Ideas for
Your Bottle

There are many fun things that can happen when you think creatively. All things become creative expression and ways for the mind to grow. What we are always trying to do in our life is grow to a better existence and our imagination is kind of the fuel to do this with. So, just to nudge creativity, Personalized Treasure Scrolls added a few creative ideas to our great product. Have fun and think outside the bottle. If you come up with more ideas, email us so we can add them to our site to be shared with others. So have fun and bottle on...

  • SOS
  • Bottle Vases
  • Pass the Bottle
  • Love Bottles
  • Comm-Bottles
  • Spin the Bottle
  • Decorate Bottles
  • Bottle Pen Pals

Ideas for Bottles
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